Free Films in Woods Hole – Saturday, September 15 as part of The Sea Around Us Weekend

As part of the The Sea Around Us: Celebrating The Legacy of Rachel Carson Weekend in Woods Hole. There will be two FREE films in Redfield Auditorim located at Water Street.

6 p.m. Wild Kratts episode featuring Alvin (50 minutes)

Martin and Chris dive down to the most unexplored habitat on Earth: the ocean trenches. Features a segment filmed in Woods Hole with a WHOI scientist and the research sub Alvin. (50 minutes).

7 p.m. Acid Horizon by Ivan Hurzeler (64 minutes)

Climate change is changing the chemistry of the Earth’s oceans. As man made carbon dioxide causes global warming, it’s also filtering down into the seas, causing Ocean Acidification. Ocean Acidification has caused mass extinctions in the Earth’s past, and could destroy the largest habitat on Earth – the deep sea. Dr. Erik Cordes believes that Lophelia, a species of deep sea coral, is adapting to acidification and may hold secrets to survival in an acidic future. Erik embarks upon a voyage to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to collect Lophelia. For the sake of future generations, Erik confronts danger on the Research Vessel Atlantis and diving in the Alvin Submersible. He’s getting closer to finding the ‘Supercoral’… But is he too late to make a difference?

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