For 44 years the Falmouth Road Race has brought thousands of people from all over the world to the town of Falmouth. It’s amazing to see how quickly the town transforms as participants, coaches, and families crowd the streets.

The first heat of runners just after crossing the starting line – photo courtesy of Megan Jensen.

In total, the race is about seven miles long. The race begins at the Captain Kidd in Woods Hole and winds around Nobska Lighthouse to finally finish along Grand Avenue at Falmouth Heights Beach.

There are multiple heats that runners are placed in to dependent on their rank. Each runner has a specific number and as they cross the finish line their time is recorded. Eighteen prizes are awarded – first place for “Open Men and Women” is awarded 10,000 dollars.

For some, the Falmouth Road Race is quite competitive and is a chance to rank in a well-known race. Though most view the race as an opportunity to join in on the fun Falmouth tradition.

Woods Hole natives: Ken Gartner, Ella Martin, Megan Keating, Gwen Martin, Abby Hollander, and Caleb Gartner, gather before the big run.

This year on Sunday the 21th more than 11,000 people gathered to run in the famous Falmouth Road Race – this year sponsored by New Balance. By 8 am the streets of Woods Hole were flooded with people warming up and resting up before the seven mile run. In several heats the runners took off with a strong start, despite the unbearable humidity. Throughout the rest of the afternoon runners crossed the finish line and were greeted by hundreds of people and a barbeque lunch.

No matter what your skill level or age is, sign up for the Falmouth Road Race! The experience alone is worth it.