Winter winds in Woods Hole photo credit Woods Hole Inn

The last time the Eel Pond froze over for skating was 2004, and the last time we saw this much snow fall in Woods Hole was probably the Blizzard of 1978.  That’s right, it has been a tough winter in Woods Hole — with lots of snow, shoveling, ice, below zero temperatures and arctic winds.

skating in winter on Cape Cod photo credit Woods Hole Inn

But the beauty of winter on Cape Cod is pretty amazing.  Imagine playing hockey on Eel Pond, walking across the ice to explore frozen boats, sledding on the gold course or walking out to Paradise Rock off Stoney Beach on the ice.

winter in Woods Hole photo credit Woods Hole InnWander the village and see the summer houses boarded up, no need to plow or shovel because no one is coming until spring.  For about ten days in February, it was possible to explore at least a half mile out onto Buzzards Bay from Stoney Beach.  People were strolling to Quissett Harbor, walking to the Knob, exploring Penzance from the water… all on foot!  This is dangerous stuff, and NOT recommended for anyone but the skilled with the right gear, and even then it’s not that safe.

ice chunks in passage into Eel Pondnear Woods Hole drawbridge photo credit Woods Hole InnThe ice also clogged up Woods Hole Great Harbor, and Coast Guard ice cutters came out daily to keep the ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard running.

Captain Kidd restaurant in Woods Hole in snow photo credit Woods Hole InnMany of your favorite places were closed for the winter, but Fishmonger Cafe, Woods Hole Market, Pie in the Sky and Quicks Hole Tavern remained open all winter long, welcoming visitors with Woods Hole warmth and style.

Quicks Hole Tavern in Woods Hole in winter photo credit Woods Hole InnAs March comes in like a lamb with temps warming up to the high 30’s, we are dreaming of summer, but happy to share this photo essay of what Woods Hole looked like in the historic winter of 2015.  Winter in Woods Hole, a beautiful place to visit and explore in any season!

Martha's Vineyard Cape Cod ferry in Woods Hole winter 2015 photo credit Woods Hole InnPhoto Credits: Woods Hole Inn ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.