Aquarium2-enAquarium-enThe Woods Hole Science Aquarium (WHSA) is open 12 months a year and is one of the glittering jewels of this world renowned village. The aquarium, established in 1885 and the oldest marine aquarium in the country is operated by NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service and is one of myriad marine research facilities known and respected worldwide. It is a must see attraction for visitors to Cape Cod.

The WHSA offers a unique experience for the over 80,000 adults and children who visit the aquarium annually, allowing a behind the scenes experience where the 140 species of marine animals can be observed as well as the work that goes on by staff on the tanks and life support systems.   A touch tank lets children interact with small marine life and all visitors enjoy watching two non-releasable harbor seals frolic and be fed by staff usually twice a day.

The Woods Hole Science Aquarium is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11AM to 4PM.

AquariumWall-enWhile in town visit the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute’s Exhibit Center within walking distance of the Aquarium. Check the exhibit center’s website for hours of operation.