Great Winter for Snow on Cape Cod

Romantic B&B's on Cape Cod

It’s been a great winter for snow on Cape Cod with so many storms down here that we are just getting used to them!  Sadly, many winters it does not snow much because we are so close to the warm Gulf Stream.  But this year has been a great one for sledding on the Golf Course, skating on local ponds, enjoying winter sunsets with snow in the foreground as we keep getting new layers of white snow.

Our local inns and B&B’s on Cape Cod offer all sorts of specials welcoming visitors in our quieter season.  The Palmer House offers a wonderful walking package, or try the “Picture Perfect Photo Walking Tour” available at the Woods Hole Inn.   Innkeepers at the Captain Tom Lawrence House or the Woods Hole Passage are also happy to guide you to walking trails, birdwatching opportunities and hikes past wonderful harbors and seascapes.

Cape Cod is particularly beautiful in the winter, when stark light rakes over snowy marshes and arctic ducks take refuge in our ponds.  Come for a visit to wintery Cape Cod to see all it’s beauty.

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