If you’re looking to fish the waters of Cape Cod, Nat Chalkley is a local fishing expert. Chalkley has been fishing Cape Cod’s waters for over 20 years – so he knows all the tricks to fishing in this area.

Chalkley grew up in Virginia and began fishing the James River as a young kid. He also spent much of his summer in Woods Hole fishing off of skiffs.

By 17 years old, Chalkley worked as a mate on a charter boat and soon began commercially rod and reel fishing. He achieved his captain’s license at 19 and quickly started running his own charters.

For eight years Chalkley has had his OUPV Captains License and both his boat and business are fully insured. He fishes for a large range of fish as well as fly fishing.

Chalkley’s passion for both fishing and teaching has lead him to be very successful in his business. He has placed in the local Calcutta Fishing Derby many times and has caught many 50 lbs striped bass as well as a Giant Bluefin Tuna that weighed around 800 lbs. In addition to his own achievements, Chalkey helped place Ty Warren of the New England Patriots on the current Massachusetts state record for Mahi Mahi.

No matter what your age or experience level, Chalkey can almost guarantee to help you hook a fish. He teaches kids, adults, experts, and first-timers so definitely either check out his website if you’re thinking about fishing Cape Cod waters.

The “Annie P” – a refurbished custom 1973 Seacraft primarily for fishing striped bass. Picture courtesy of gtncharters.com

A Giant Bluefin Tuna caught in Cape Cod Bay. Picture courtesy of gtncharters.com