Woods Hole is home to some of the largest scientific organizations in the world – so who wouldn’t want to experience a little bit of science while visiting? One of the best ways to discover the environment around Woods Hole is aboard OceanQuest.

OceanQuest is a 90-minute discovery cruise that provides an introduction to oceanography.  The discovery cruises provide a hands-on learning environment where passengers are encouraged to involve themselves in collecting data, working with equipment, and dealing with live creatures.

Time during the cruise is divided among three stations:

One station takes place in the stern of the ship where passengers focus on the biology of oceanography. This includes pulling lobster traps, dragging plankton nets, and viewing organisms collected along the journey through a microscope. Passengers are encouraged to reach inside the live tank filled with creatures caught along the trip

While in the bow, passengers learn about physical and meteorological oceanography by operating equipment.

In the cabin, the program varies dependent on the group, passengers either work on a horseshoe crab lab, learn about plankton, or explore ocean water chemistry.

If you are interested in going on one of the discovery cruises, make sure to call ahead and make a reservation at either: 800-376-2326 or 508-385-7656. Also be sure to check out prices and hours online.

OceanQuest is an educational journey that allows all ages to better understand the ocean through fun and interesting hands-on activities.