In the summer months, Woods Hole is filled with happy people, enjoying the summer breeze, watching the boats come in and out of the harbor, stopping for a bite to eat – AND looking for a place to park. But parking in Woods Hole is not as hard as you may think with several hundred spaces waiting to welcome you to our village.

The first thing you need to know is that parking in Woods Hole is designed for people who are coming to patronize Woods Hole businesses and see the charm of Woods Hole itself. For these day visitors – the streets are lined with over 100 metered spots. Meters only accept quarters, have a two-hour maximum and are free post 6pm.

There are three additional parking lots open in summer. The Dwyer Dock parking lot on Water Street just before the drawbridge is open after 5pm on weekdays and all day Saturday and Sundays ($3).  On Saturday nights, there is also parking at the MBL Lilly parking lot (about 150 yards on the right after the drawbridge off of Water Street, $3). The Fisheries parking lot, located on Water Street (left in the driveway after Waterfront Park), is open on weekends with no charge.  The Woods Hole Business Association is very appreciative of our friends and partners at WHOI, MBL and Fisheries for sharing this space with our customers.

The WHOOSH trolley also runs regularly from downtown Falmouth to Woods Hole in summer.  Click here for rates and schedules.  And the bike path is a popular option for families visiting Falmouth as the long flat trail makes a great afternoon excursion.

If you’re headed to Martha’s Vineyard, most visitors park in one of several lots operated by the Steamship Authority with shuttle busses running regularly to bring you down to Woods Hole.  Signs as you drive in will tell you which lot to use.  Check here for the most current information. There are also several overnight lots in the village with rates of $15-40 per calendar day offering spaces for overnight visitors to Martha’s Vineyard.

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