On July 4th, the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) reopened the Pierce Exhibit Center and Gift Shop. The exhibit center was newly renovated this year to better express the enormous impact MBL has had in the scientific community.

The exhibit center includes live animal tanks with creatures that MBL scientists are currently working with to better understand human health. In addition to the live animals, there is an interactive laboratory with hands-on microscopes, squid models, and amazing underwater video footage. The exhibit center is both free and open to the public.

The gift shop portion is located inside of the exhibit center and sells an assortment of gifts for all ages – ranging from children’s books to jewelry and clothing.

The Pierce Exhibit Center is dedicated in memory of a past MBL trustee, Robert W. Pierce. Pierce spent his life living in Massachusetts – he served for the Coast Guard and later founded the Pierce Aluminum Company in Canton, Massachusetts.

In addition to Pierce’s many accomplishments, he was “an insightful leader, someone who embodied excellence in judgment, respect for individual differences, and a determination to succeed.” MBL largely credits Pierce for introducing many people to the MBL community.

The MBL Exhibit Center and Gift Shop is open Monday through Saturday in August from 10am to 4:30 pm and is located on 100 Water Street, Woods Hole. The scientific community operating in Woods Hole is truly amazing  – so don’t hesitate to check out the exhibit center for the cutting edge news on their progress.

The Pierce Exhibit Center is filled with information, diagrams, and hands on, alive exhibits.