Every Tuesday evening, starting in July, Quicks Hole transforms into a kid sized movie theater. The lights are dimmed, the projector comes out and small chairs for the movie – goers are lined up.   Kid’s Night at Quicks is a local favorite, with both parents and their children.
Family classics are shown on a big screen jammed in a corner of the dining room, and parents gather nearby on the water view deck for an adult meal and a pitcher of the house sangria.  Kids eat their suppers and then fall into that wonderful late-in-the-day storytelling trance that comes with moving images, leaning forward in their miniature Adirondack chairs to catch every beat of the film.
What goes better than popcorn with a movie? During Kid’s Night you can receive 50% off a kid’s meal with the purchase of an adult meal. Kid’s love snacking on mini-quesadillas or chicken tacos while watching their favorite films.
When I asked Nick, age 3 ½ what his favorite part of Kid’s night was he answered, “Nemo!” His sister, Emily, said she came for the chips.
Whether you come for the food, the movie, or Nemo – Kid’s Night at Quicks Hole is a fun activity for both kids and their parents.
Below are a few pictures of the kids as they gather to watch Finding Nemo and eat their delicious meals: