What is a Heart? Featuring the Persuasions

One of the hottest performances of the Woods Hole Film Festival 2012 was definitely the documentary film, “What is a Heart?” featuring a performance from the singing group the Persuasions. The presentation took place at the Lillie Auditorium on the first of August and was a hit among viewers.

The film, “What is a Heart?” is a documentary about Christopher Janney’s performance art piece entitled HeartBeat. The film follows Janney as he creates and explores his art.

The Persuasions, also named the “Kings of Acappella,” are a 60’s and 70’s-era singing group. The ensemble originally came together in Brooklyn, NY but members hail from all over the U.S..

The Persuasions’ church-based musical background certainly influences their soulful style today. For four decades, The Persuasions have helped to keep acappella alive. In the 1960’s and 70’s the pop acappella group was one of the few to sign with a major record label.

The Woods Hole Film Festival came to a close this Saturday, August 4, 2012 but you can catch the films all winter long by attending “Dinner and a Movie” at the Captain Kidd  in Woods Hole.  For more information on tickets, shows, and times, check out the Woods Hole Film Festival’s website: http://www.woodsholefilmfestival.org/2012

The Persuasions and the cast of “What is a Heart?” Courtesy of http://www.zvents.com