It might not look like it on the outside, but Woods Hole is a cutting edge place, so it should come as no surprise that the entire village is packed with Internet hot spots. Hidden inside these weathered shingle buildings is a robust WiFi network, making catching up on the fly a breeze.

Coffee O in Woods Hole has free WiFi.

Sitting outside at Coffee O and updating my blog – life is good.

Sitting at Coffee Obsession, a local coffee shop, my computer immediately recognized twelve devices that I could connect to. Passwords to most are clearly printed inside the various shops. For instance, Coffee Obsession’s password is on a sign at the counter above the Thunder Beans and near the large collection of local newspapers (you know those pesky old fashioned things that get your hands dirty and refuse to go online).

In addition, you will find two public service outlets (“Unwired Village” and “Steamship Authority Free WiFi”) available almost anywhere within the village and accessible without a password.

Many people count on the free WiFi in Woods Hole – especially for work. On a usual day, you can spot a group of Woods Hole scientists all on the Internet, reviewing recent fish counts or ocean floor temperature data. Dropping by Pie in the Sky or Coffee O, you’ll see travelers and kids – checking their email or just surfing the web. Both coffee shops also have free-wired computer stations in case your Smartphone fails you.

Whether at a coffee shop, out in a boat on the harbor or lounging on the village green, you can count on Woods Hole for your free Internet hook-up.

Coffee Obsession, Woods Hole

Another customer hard at work while sipping on a latte.