Spohr Garden, Woods Hole

Tucked away from the center of Woods Hole, Spohr Garden is a hidden gem. The garden is overflowing with flowers and trees. A small dock, surrounded by huge antique anchors, sits over Oyster Pond and is a perfect place to let your feet dangle in the water.

Despite the many visitors, the entire garden remains serene. While sitting on the dock two mallards curiously waddled around me, as if they were intrigued and wanted a closer look. I saw two signets following a swan, again completely uncaring of my presence. How rare in our busy modern lives to fall into such harmony with nature.

Spohr Garden, Woods Hole

Spohr Garden overlooking Oyster Pond.

In the summer, orange day lilies are in full bloom, bold against the green shades of the other plants. Weeping Mulberries outline the garden, providing just the right amount of shade and the graceful shoreline looks out over the Oyster Pond with Vineyard Sound beyond.

Orange day lilies are everywhere at Spohr Garden.

A vibrant orange day lily.