With a front row seat of Eel Pond and the unique drawbridge that rises to let sailboats in and out of the protected inlet, it’s no wonder why Phusion Grille is always buzzing. It’s not just the killer real estate that keeps patrons coming back year after year – owner Carol Grigas credits inventive cooking and a great staff for keeping her customers so happy.

Grigas has worked with chef Stuart Hirsch for ten years, and together they have developed a unique menu combining the flavors of many cultures.  Hirsch, who trained with celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and others, has worked in both Hawaii and Jamaica, and delights in creating a Hawaiian-Asian menu with a Jamaican twist.

Hirsch strives to use as many local ingredients that are available – as is evident by the fresh taste of his dishes. Grigas also maintains her own small garden outside of Phusion where she personally waters and picks fresh herbs. Her chocolate mint leaf mojitos are famous from Woods Hole to Waikiki.

Phusion Grille, Woods Hole

Grigas waters her fresh herbs right outside of Phusion’s door.

Popular items on Phusion’s original menu are the mussels in a coconut-lemongrass-saffron broth, the Kahana black ribs grilled in a sweet and spicy passion fruit-plum sauce, and snapper with Jamaican rundown sauce.  But the biggest hit is Hirsch’s original “Phu-burger” — an eight-ounce American Kobe beef burger, tomato micro-greens, lemon grass caper aioli, six-ounces of mango pimento butter, topped with a lobster tail, and finally, a side of truffle fries.  Wolfgang himself would be wowed by this one.

Grigas is a true fan of reggae and spends her winters in Jamaica enveloped in the upbeat atmosphere. She beams as she points me to a Bob Marley painting and begins talking of Reggae Nights here at Phusion. Every Saturday at Phusion is Reggae Night, featuring Niko one Drop Roots Radical Connection from FM 89.3 WUMD.  Other musical guests include local artist Isel Garcia-Renart, who sings on Thursday nights.

With food from around the world, these snapshots will show you that Phusion is still rooted in the village of Woods Hole:

Phusion, Woods Hole
Phusion Grille, Woods Hole