Woods Hole is a seaside village on Cape Cod sparkling with surprises and contradictions. Tiny in size but grand in diversity, Woods Hole mingles tradition with innovation and history with hospitality. A visit to Woods Hole is an important part of your Cape Cod vacation!

In the summertime, Woods Hole bustles with visitors, scientists, fishermen, foodies, sailors, strollers and bikers. Home to world-renowned science research facilities, several deep-water harbors, numerous beaches, museums, a working drawbridge, and the Martha's Vineyard ferry, Woods Hole is a scenic hub for international travel, recreation, science learning and fun.

Your kids can enjoy the touch tanks at our Aquarium, explore a research sub that's plumbed some our oceans' deepest depths or toss breadcrumbs to mallards from our working drawbridge. Whether you arrive on the "WHOOSH" trolley or bicycle in on the beautiful Shining Sea Bike Path, you'll find plenty to write home about!


Woods Hole is perfectly situated to enjoy a wonderful day by the sea, and makes a great jumping off point to explore all that Cape Cod and the islands have to offer. No longer just a pass through for Vineyard ferry travelers, Woods Hole boasts waterfront restaurants, top-notch accommodations and year-round activities. Check out the resources Woods Hole has to offer here.

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